Kyuhyun’s Tent

When Kyu Hyun joined Super Junior on May of 2006, he was set to live in the Suju dorm with the rest of the guys. I don’t know when exactly he moved there but when he did, he was assigned to room in with DongHae and Sungmin but unfortunately, without a bed of his own.

Not alot of people knew of this arrangement (Bedless Kyu Hyun) until January 9th of 2007, about 8 months after he joined Super Junior, when he guested together with roomie Sungmin in Kangin’s Chunji Radio show. Here is how the ‘Bedless Kyu Hyun conversation’ went:

CHUNJI RADIO, January 9, 2007
Translation credit to Lalaloo of soompi

kangin: oh yea so what happened to your bed?
kyuhyun: [says something, i don’t really understand]
kangin: no but honestly, you like sleeping on the floor better. even your computer is all over the floor.
kyuhyun: no, i like the bed better.
kangin: okay come over today, i’ll give you my bed. i’m saying this on air so this is a real promise.
kyuhyun: eeteuk already promised me two weeks ago that he’ll buy me a bed.
kangin: that person is different from me. i bet you somewhere at this VERY MOMENT he’s lying to another dongsaeng.
kyuhyun: no, i trust eeteuk. he’s the leader, i don’t think he would lie to a fellow member.
kangin: no, he does that sometimes. he’s done it to me couple of times.
kyuhyun: i know, it’s not just once or twice.
kangin: i used to share a room with him and he was like “kangin ah~ i couldn’t sleep.” so i was like, “why?” and he’s like “cause i was too worried thinking about you”
kyuhyun: yea, right. [it was something else but it means the same thing]
kangin: EVERYDAY it’s a lie.
kyuhyun: it’s okay, i hope someday i’ll get to sleep on top of a bed. For now I’ll have to accept the fact that I’m a magnae.
kangin: noo!! it’s not cause you’re the magnae~
sungmin: yea, it’s not cause you’re the magnae. We really want to buy you a bed but there’s not enough room right now.
kangin: ahjummas keep telling us to move, people/neighboors keep telling us to move~ so we were talking about buying it once we move..but we weren’t sure.
kyuhyun: no it’s okay, i’ll accept the fact that i’m the magnae
kangin: IT’S NOT THAT!!!

When I read about this I was like shocked because it’s been too long since he has joined Suju and still he has no bed?? I started to get more curious than ever so I looked for more translations about Bedless Kyu (actually this is how my backreading in Soompi started hahaha). It turns out, after that broadcast, the fans became more and more curious of Kyu Hyun. Moreso because the day after, January 10th, 2007, during Kyu Hyun and Sungmin’s guesting this time on Eunhyuk and Eeteuk’s SUKIRA (Super Junior Kiss the Radio), the guys were still talking about Kyu’s bedlessness and then Kyu Hyun debuted his ‘Bed Song CF’ to the tune of Super Junior’s Believe. And LOL he really came prepared.

I was so lucky to able to meet bed
because bed would make me smile/laugh by just being near me~
I could find bed even if it goes far away.
Because bed is smiling inside of me
credit La’MISS:Fairy @ soompi

See how Sungmin was giggling as Kyu was singing so seriously about his non-existent bed? After that, the fans grew more and more interested in Kyu Hyun saying they all thought was this shy, boring kid but then he’s surprising them with his wit and funny antics as time goes by. He even composed his bed song, for heaven sake.

And then another comment surfaced a few days after the Sukira broadcast:

(akirasberry @ Jan 14 2007, 07:36 AM)
this kyuhyun bed thing is going so far o.o
one time kangin came back from his schedule and found kyuhyun sleeping in this dunkin donut tent LOL… they said he got upset when they threw it away..

With that ^^ I was like DUNKIN DONUT TENT???

It turns out, it even came to a point where the fans made a video out of the bedless situation showing the Donkin Donut tent at the Suju house. Too bad I couldn’t find that video, it must have been taken down… but I think it was a blue and orange tent.. and probably a small one! haha.

(edit: I found a picture of Kangin with the tent in the back ground.. and nicolamartinne from Asian Fanatics found another photoshopped one of the tent it was quite funny. haha. here they are:

And then at the same day, a Kyu comic strip surfaced:

translation credit to jazzler of soompi:

Late one night, Leader Teuk was woken up from his sleep cos he could hear Kyuhyun’s voice. Eeteuk asks “Kyuhyun-ah, why are you crying?”.

Eeteuk continues, asking “Are they airing a sad movie on OCN?” Kyuhyun replies “Hy~ung~ This is so sad~”

The third panel shows a tv ad for a bed that costs 199,990 won (a little bit less than 200 dollars for a bed, which is fairly cheap). ‘The ad says to call now for this great deal!’

And then lastly, Eeteuk is speaking to a hyung, prolly a manager hyung, saying “Hyung, we really need to get another bed for the dorm otherwise our magnae is going to run away from our dorm….”

See how everything went too far? The bed situation really created a buzz amongst the SuJu fans that January. They were talking about it for ages. And most of them wanted to give him a bed for his birthday (February 3rd). LOL.

Moreso as on January 18th 2007 he shamelessly (hehehe) debuted his Bed Song on TV during the MNet Wide News coverage of their Nii Photoshoot.

With all this Bedless Kyu Hyun craziness, lots of fans wanted to get him a bed, especially because his birthday was coming up. But then again, he wasn’t bedless because they didn’t have the money to buy a bed (duh hehe) but because the Super Junior dorm had no space to accomodate another bed. There were 9 members + 2 managers living together in the 4-bedroom dorm (info credit to damifino @ soompi).

After this I don’t remember reading any updates on Kyu’s bedlessness until after his birthday, when it was confirmed that he finally has a bed. He got it on the same month, January. Maybe because of all the buzz, the managers decided to buy him a bed already. It was put between Teukie’s and Ryeowook’s beds because there probably no space at Donghae and Sungmin’s room but judging from the photo below, you’ll see how they barely made the new bed fit in Teukie’s and Wookie’s room. hahaha.

I don’t know the exact date when he posted this pic at the Sukira website for his fans to see his new bed. Look at that dork, he’s sprawled all over the place. hahaha. After months and months of being bedless and complaining about backaches (LOL), he finally got his wish.

Epilogue: A few months after, the lease of their old dorm has ended and the boys moved into a new dorm (with fingerprint recognition locks no less) and until now, he’s rooming in with Sungmin again with his good old controversial bed. He’s Bedless Kyu no more.

*credit to nickestiara of AsianFanatics


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