[News] Super Junior Shindong Starts Dieting Again

Super Junior member Shindong has declared that he will start dieting again.

On October 31, Shindong wrote on his personal me2day account, “From November 1, I will be starting my new goal! I will start my diet again. Let’s do it together everyone! Anyone who wants to join, come do it with me! Let’s go! Start!” Shindong also posted a photo of himself along with the comment.

In the photo Shindong was wearing large framed glasses, while showing a mischievous smile. And now that he has revealed that he will start to diet again, fans will be anticipating to see how he will change in the future.

Netizens who came across this news showed various responses, “Shindong, I’ll diet with you!”, “You’ve already lost a lot of weight, if you diet more you’re going to become more handsome!”, “Did you decide this when you were in a New York subway station? Fighting!”

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Super Junior Facts, Quotes and UFO Replies (Part 10)

source : @EverLastingFans

1. “I wanna date Hyuk if he were the opposite sex. Coz out of the members he looks more pitiful, so I’d wanna protect him” – Sungmin


3. “WE ARE THEIR HYUNGS, BUT I ONLY HAVE YOU AS MY HYUNGS” Kim Heechul to Leeteuk @cyworld

4. “Whoever thinks I’m goning to quit Super Junior, is who has never trusted me and never give me a chance” Kim Ki Bum

5. Donghae : When I was filming ‘It’s Okay, Daddy Daughter’, I always remember my dad, who is definitely in heaven now.

6. Sungmin : Love is like a water, when you don’t have it, you thirsty, but when you have it a lot, you’ll never know how precious is it.

7. Kyuhyun : If Sungmin think about me, he can’t concentrate doing anything.

8. Kyuhyun : If I own your heart, so I’m the real winner

9. Kangin to Leeteuk : Hyung, let me protect you forever…until the end of my life…

10. Fan : It’s cold, the wind can blow you up | Kyuhyun : We’re heavy, especially Shindong

11. Sungmin : Kyuhyun-ah ~~ | Kyuhyun : yes? | Sungmin : Saranghae | Kyuhyun : Na do saranghae

12. Sungmin : Even me and Kyuhyun share a room, but he never care on me..he spent 5 hours dating with his computer

13. Kangin to Sungmin : You and me, we are one.

14. Hangeng : The most sexiest thing in me is my long legs,,,yes I love my long legs

15. Leeteuk : Kangin is still a very important member to me. Hangeng too, no matter when he comes back, I’ll still welcome him back warmly.

16. Kyuhyun : one of my talent is not to listen to the others.

17. Woman : I’m sorry, but I dunno who Super Junior is. | Yesung : ELF, please punish this woman..

18. “It’s not my fault to have face like this, my father and mother created this” – Heechul.

19. Donghae to an ELF : Don’t cheat on me!! I saw so many Kyuhyun’s photos on your minihompy ~~

20. “Even if I Like playing games, but my girlfriend will be m everything and I’ll treat her like a princess” – Kyuhyun

21. Shindong said that Kyu likes to wear his expensive clothes and use it as one piece pajama

22. “The things I don’t know are cook and love” – Heechul

23. Teukkie to Hae : Donghae has his own charm, he gives you a comfortable deeling you can’t dislike. That’s why everyone loves him.

24. Donghae to Yesung : We can’t be without his presence, his presence got too big. I’m always thakful he’s gotten a bit old.

25. “They said they don’t wanna play with me, cause I’m old” Yesung

26. When Leeteuk was born, it was raining very hard that time. People said it coz God sent the only angel to earth…so He was crying.

27. Fan : Wherever you go smiling superbly you’re Fried Chicken | Donghae : Fried Chicken..I’m so sick of it ~~ u should find something newer…

28. Fan : I haven’t done my vacation homework yet Yesung oppa ~~ Oppa, please help me T^T | Yesung : It’s homework

29. ELF : I really like you oppa (in Chinese) | Kyuhyun : Weird words

30. Kyu said he already watched 4 SBS dramas : It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter, Athena, Goddes of War, Signs and Paradise Ranch.

SS4 Osaka Lightstick Design ~~

Super Show 4 World Tour Lightstick design with earth shape n Super Show 4 OSaka LS with Tsutenkaku tower symbol of Osaka (credit : ELF Japan)

Hey benarkaaahhhh????

Lucu ya design lightsticknya..mengingatkan gw akan tongkat2 yang dipake dalam serial anime jepang kaya Sailormoon hahahahhaaa.

Tapi bagus juga ide-nya, ga cuman sekedar lightstick tapi bertema earth shape, karena ini adalah world tour!! Dan di Osaka mereka mengambil bentuk tower Tsutentaku sebagai simbol kota Osaka.

Jadi..misalnya mereka mengadakan SS4 di Indonesia..kira2 mereka akan ngambil bentuk monas atau patung pancoran ya???

[Random] Catatan Kyu belajar bahasa China ^__^

Kyuhyun’s Chinese:
1. How are you?
2. I am good, how are your parents?
3. They are fine, are you busy?
4. I’m not busy, how about your boyfriend?
5. He’s very busy
1. Hyung do you want coffee?
2. I want coffee
3. I want coffee too.
4. Okay let’s all have coffee

credit picture : as tagged
source : http://minbunny.tumblr.com

dulu gw pernah liat di acara apa gitu ya pas SJ-M ada di Taiwan untuk promosi album Perfection, mereka tampil di talkshow gitu. Trus MC-nya mengeluarkan benda2 yang sering SJM member bawa kemana2. Nah giliran abang Kyu, ternyata dia selalu membawa sebuah note kecil yang dia gunakan untuk belajar bahasa China.

Hmm..no wonder dia bisa cepet bisa bahasa chinanya heheheheee ^__^

[News] Super Junior’s Eunhyuk wants to be like MC Yoo Jae Suk?

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk revealed that he aspires to become like MC Yoo Jae Suk.

Eunhyuk guested on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, and their theme that day was “Stars who have gone over the Great Wall“. As such, he was invited along with fellow member Donghae and 1st generation Hallyu stars Jang Suh Hee and Lee Jung Hyun.

Even though they’re busy tackling their schedules in both China and Korea, Eunhyuk and Donhae revealed that they still watch a lot of Korean variety shows.

Eunhyuk revealed, “I want to become like Yoo Jae Suk’, and jokingly cited Yoo Jae Suk’s ‘average looks’ as the point of his aspiration. Donghae joined in and said, “I want to be like HaHa,“ adding to the fun.

Be sure to catch the full broadcast when it airs on October 31st!

Source: My Daily via Naver
credit : AllKPop