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[News] Super Junior’s Eunhyuk in a friendly pose with musical actor Kim Chan Ho after “Fame”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has recently released his picture taken with musical actor Kim Chan Ho, who played the same role (Tyrone Jackson) with him in musical Fame.

On January 29, Eunhyuk uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Tyrone Chan Ho, who took good care of Eun Tyrone (Eunhyuk + Tyrone) when he had a hard time, not knowing what to do before the musical started. I thank you so much for helping me successfully perform in the musical.”

In the picture, Eunhyuk is giving the camera the thumbs up in a white sleeveless t-shirt and jeans with stage make-up on. Kim, who is putting his arm around Eunhyuk’s shoulder, is brightly smiling in a sky-blue jacket with his hair up.

People praised Eunhyuk’s acting: “Eunhyuk, you are so modest. Your acting was great,” “You both were good in the role of Tyrone,” “Eunhyuk, are you sure you really didn’t know what to do? You were really good on the stage,” “Maybe because Tyrone is a character who dances well and loves hip-hop, you were really great in that role,” “You really did a good job, Eunhyuk.”

The musical Fame, which ended on January 29, was created from the original movie made in 1980 by Alan Parker. SNSD’s Tiffany played the role of Carmen Diaz, and Son Ho Young and Go Eun Sung played the role of Nick Piazza.

Source: TV Report via eternalc2h (en.korea.com)