[20120228 Sukira] Ryeowook said playing games is noisy XD

Ryeowook : I think that playing video games is very noisy.

Sungmin : Last time, I always thought that its very noisy when Kyuhyun plays video games when I sleep. But now when Kyuhyun plays video games, I still can sleep well.

(trans by @celstarz) via @raichanxd


[Twitter Update] Shindong : Even the back is also cute!

@ShinsFriends : 너무 감췄나요?? 여자친구가 실존인물이냔 말이 나오네요.. ㅎㅎ 이제 공개할랍니다.. 뒷모습부터 … 많이궁금해하심 앞모습도 공개할꺼지롱~~ 푸헤헤헤헤헤~~ 이뽀이뽀~ 뒷모습도 사랑스럽다잉! ㅎㅎ http://pic.twitter.com/lhfOLPPL

[Trans] @ShinsFriends : Too much to hide?? Asked my girlfriend what actually exists, this kind of words.. hehe Now is release.. Start from the back.. If you guys are very curious, face will going to release soon~~ puhehehehehe~~ Pretty, pretty~ Even the back is also cute! hehe http://pic.twitter.com/lhfOLPPL

Trans by @TaiwanLuvSJ

[Twitter Update] Leeteuk : Today is 29 Feb!!!

@special1004 : 오늘은2월29일!!!4년에 한번 있는 뜻깊은날!!!이날 태어난 친구들은 4년에 한번 생일 온단거 슬프죠?이날은 출산을 피하시길~^^ㅋㅋ

[Trans]@special1004 : Today is 29 Feb!!! A meaningful day which happens once in 4 years!!! Friends who are born on this day only have their birthdays once in 4 years, its sad right? Have to avoid giving birth on this day~^^ keke

Trans by @SJia13