[Fan Account] EunHae couple in Paris

[FAN ACC] I saw eunhae and shindong in a restaurant, they occupied a table setteled in the very corner of the restaurant. (we actually didn’t stalk them, but that restaurant was really nice lol) we didn’t stay there too long, because we just grabbed our foods and left to eat them somewhere else. but hyukjae and donghae didn’t stop playing around and taking pictures of each other, and they really looked like a real couple, they were smiling to each other and everything that hyukjae said made donghae laugh so hard, shindong was just eating his food there without caring about them. He didn’t even interfere in their conversation. i noticed that donghae was too clingy around hyukjae, at one point i thought that he had a crush on him.

we didn’t talk to them because it will be awkward and we wanted to give them some privacy 🙂 hope that they’ll enjoy their stay in france. (i think that it was in Paris 6éme btw)

(CR:@maochi via :@Luvh3art v: @13elieveSG, WorldWideElfs)


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