120526-27 #SS4SeoulEncore Compilation Post

120528 Super Junior with Dalma [6P]

ehehe i found it!!! SuperShow4~!!

My adorable friend said the the Super Junior that he is part of is going to have a concert.. (Yahooooo~ I have to go~)


There, the one at the most right is my friend ^~^ Handsome ^~^

The concert was held on two days, saturday and sunday (It was tiring right..)

Let’s introduce Super Junior, Super Junior is part of Korea’s SM Entertainment, a 13 membered idol group, debuted at 6/11/2005. At the beginning stage of Super Junior’s debut, they were a 12 membered project group, it became 13 in 2005 when member kyuhyun was added in.

This is how it was written in Naver encyclopedia, hahaha

Anyhow, the conclusion is, they are Korea’s greatest idols.. no, it should be the world’s greatest male idols! (I’m not saying this…

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