[Trans] 20120503 Seoul Talk – Kim Heechul

Mayor: There are many people here, all for a reason. Not to see me.

Mayor: Being a K-POP star, leading Hallyu activites, suddenly became a Sungdong MC, isn’t it boring?

Hee: Ah?! Can say this? I’ll be lying if i say no…..

Mayor: This is the first time i see an idol with so much passion.

Mayor: This is Space Big Star Kim Hee Chul. Why Space Big Star?

Hee: It’s being thought during a certain program. From then on it is known. Initially, members were all awkward about it, but right now, i find it small.

Mayor: Hee Chul is Space Big Star, then i am Seoul Big Star. There’s are lot of messages. (Mayor read very slowly).

Hee: Let me help you.

Listener: Mayor, the other time when Hee Chul recite the poetry, you did not make it. Do be a guest in Sungdong Cafe.

Mayor: I did not know that Hee Chul has a broadcast else i would have made plans. If Hee Chul were to invite me, i will go.

Hee: Really? Ok, i know it.

Mayor: Heard that your broadcast, among all the listeners, 20K are your fans?

Hee: If it wasn’t govenment broadcast, there will be 4,000,000 listeners. Now, because working in Sungdong District, thus 20K listeners.

Mayor: You can call your members ah.

Hee: Ok, i have prepared a call out. Lucky i have got manager to wake him up.

Mayor: Let’s call out.

Hee: Do i call myself? Haha. (Hee Chul call out to Shindong but Shindong did not pick up. Hee Chul panick.)

Hee: Next time then.

Mayor: So this is your relationship with the members Haha. (Did not call out, mayor cannot carry on with the script. Hee Chul helped Mayor)

Hee: Haha, Script has turned to page 3.

Hee: Phone has finally got through. Shindong seems lazing. (Hee Chul talks loudly to the phone)

Shindong: I can hear!

Mayor: Does Shindong-ssi listen to Kim Hee Chul kun’s Sungdong Cafe?

SD: Because of timing, don’t often listen.

Hee: Shindong-ssi Thank you.

Hee: Ok, hurry wake up. I often watch Strong Heart.

SD: I am no longer in it.

Hee: I know. Ok! Hanging up.

Mayor: You members don’t seem to be close.

Hee: Everyone are very good at pretending when we 1st debut. Now, everyone has become very honest.

Mayor: I am joking. Can help with this, is not easy.

(Hee Chul’s Bora Video)

Mayor: Seems like your fashion is very casual and hosting style is very free. Do you dress yourself up casually? Do not have any cody now isn’t it?

Hee: It’s not the activities period, so no company sponsors. So basically, will wear anything that is available & also clothes given by fans. Because i am a Public Service Personnal.

Mayor: What do you think of my dressing? I am not good in it.

Hee: Mm.. Quite ok, you are always well dressed.

Hee: As for style, because it is a district broadcast, i have presented myself in a well mannered way.

(Mayor read messages. Read very slowly for alphabets.)

Hee: Let me help you.

Listener: My birthday & exam fall on the same day, what should i do? Wanted to drink seaweed soup for my birthday, but drinking seaweed soup also indicate failure in exam…

Mayor: Then do well in your exam first. Getting a good result is the best present.

Listener: Aren’t you hot?

Hee: Must be watching the live broadcast. Do you think we are not hot? Hot to death!

Hee Chul looking at Mayor: I do broadcast in such a casual way, during normal days. Aren’t you hot?

Mayor: A little…

(University students asked a question, mentioning that being a mayor isn’t easy, responsibilities are huge…)

Mayor: Well said. I can feel that my position is being threatened. haha.

Hee: Did you all collaberate before hand? haha… Saying abouting district activities. Sungdong District will be holding an event next month.

Mayor: You sure knows how to defend your district.

(Use a word to describe Seoul)

Mayor: Now, everyone has to write down, “To me, Seoul is XXX.”

Hee: Seoul is a smart phone. Seoul may be small but it has everything. District office, City Hall but too bust, therefore hardly communication. Just like a smartphone. Now, everyone will bury their head into the phone and short communication.

Mayor: Yes, every department needs to strengthen communication. Broadcast ended. I have not finish memorising my lyrics….


Korean to Chinese – 梦希_ & panpan0729 of weibo

Chinese to English – queenbabo of heechulfacts

Please take out with proper & full credits!!


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