[120515] ANAN Magazine Interview- Kyuhyun’s part/ENG

Fearless? The invincible Magnae- Kyuhyun
Achieve results first, before fooling around.

Born on 3rd February 1988. In the talk show Radio Star, even seniors cannot withstand the wrath of his sharp tongue. In the area of singing, he has participated in many television OSTs. Now, he is active playing the lead in a musical.
In the currently running musical Catch Me If You Can, Kyuhyun who plays various roles such as a doctor, teacher and various professionals as a conman said, “Because the musical was adapted from a movie which a enjoyed, so when I received the casting notice, I was very happy. Amongst the various roles, playing a lawyer made me very nervous. Because the education I received as I was young was affected by my father, my ambition was once to become a lawyer.”

Use a phrase to describe Super Junior? “Happy friends”
“We really don’t have times where it is quiet. If there were a camera in our dorm, we could make at least two hours worth of programme. Actually during recordings and shows, that bond between shows naturally. Even though people might think that we are a noisy group, but that is our charm.”

Even though he is the magnae (youngest of the group), but his personality is like an ahjusshi (old man). Hence the saying that he is not like the magnae.
“Sometimes when talking about the magnae, the older members will do it. But I will play pranks, and use sharp words, as well as casual language and actions.” Won’t the members get angry? “Absolutely not. Although sometimes it gets hurtful, but usually everyone just laughs it off maturely. But if it gets serious, I will reflect upon it, listen to the members, do some aegyo, and obdiently wait for matters to settle.”

When asked on his ideal type, Kyuhyun said “a girl who is thoughtful about the other.”
“For example, if the other wants to eat kimbab, even if you want actually want to have a japanese meal, you will still go and have Korean kimbab together. That kind of girl. Because I am the kind who likes to make decisions, and is very firm about them. So it might tire out the other person.”

Q: Which member is most suited for dating?

Donghae. He looks very gentle, and very lovable. But don’t marry him, because he’s too innocent and naive he’s easily cheated (laughs). If it is marriage then it has to be Leeteuk, he seems to be able to handle everything well, and knows everything.

Q: When is your pick-me-up song to help you to up your spirits?

The song You & I by our sub-unit Super Junior Happy. It is a cute love song that makes your good really good. If I get a girlfriend, I hope to let her listen to it. Two of us, forever together~ (song lyrics) *I think it’s this part 둘이 영원히 함께 둘이

ANAN Magazine issue No. 1807
Magazine scan and chi t/n by MyKry
translated to English by @kikiikyu
shared by : WorldWideElfs
repost : PerempuanLabil

Please give full credits.


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