[120708 Inkigayo From U recording fanaccount(s)]

As usual, KRY had to stand on high platforms today too, but it was a little too high… The first time Ryeowook couldn’t get onto it, so he had Eunhyuk, who was passing by help him up. On the other hand, Kyuhyun just took one big step and got on. During the second time Kyuhyun and Yesung both struggled a little to get onto it. Kyuhyun said it was because his pants were too tight so it was difficult for him, and pointed at his thighs. Ryeowook gave up and just sat on it and then climbed up, it was very cute XD
During the 2nd recording Eunhyuk accidentally dropped Yesung’s mic on the floor, Yesung’s expression was extremely shocked. But the weird thing was that the PD didn’t call for a stop, so the members had to continue even though they were a little surprised. At the end there was a big hug between Kyuhae. During the 1st rehearsal Yesung hugged Leeteuk affectionately and Leeteuk got flustered and didn’t know what to do. The last time, 2 hugs between Kyuhae & Yehyuk, Hyuk was very embarrased and kept looking down XD and hugged himself in the end. Minwook had their arms around each other. The members were all super cute today and kept singing Papillon. Lots of Kyuhae hugging~


At the start when Leeteuk came he asked everyone if we ate the ice cream well. Everyone said Yes! One fan said she felt like dying! Then Teuk said not to casually talk about death~ At the end Leeteuk said, that the fans who queued overnight have worked hard TTT Leeteuk’s thanks and loving words were “snatched away” by the PD~~ Today the oppas and the SBS staffs were all very childish.. every time there was a standby everyone would be laughing~
KRY’s platforms were very high~ Kyuhyun pretended to be having a hard time getting onto it~ Ryeowook sat on it first then brought his legs up~ Then once the platform was raised they started teasing Eunhyuk who was passing by~ Then during one of the standbys, Yesung zoned out a bit so the PD said “Yesung-sshi, please get ready” [It sounded as if he was reprimanding Yesung, everyone laughed, and the members also used this to tease Yesung further into the recording~]
After Eunhae’s dance.. when KRY came down from there platforms and sang, Eunhyuk turned (while dancing) and accidentally knocked Yesung’s mic over!! Yesung was stunned and just stood there not knowing what to do~~ He only picked his mic up after a while but was still rooted to the spot~ (meaning whether they should continue) haha but the PD didn’t call for a stop~ so they finished the song~ During the next recording Yesung did a clapping motion when Eunhyuk turned (and didn’t bump into him) haha


During the first recording, after going up on stage Eunhae were practically stuck together! They kept whispering to one another, and laughed happily. Both of them were in a very good mood today. As they were going off the stage after the couple dance Donghae kept putting pushing Eunhyuk’s waist & Hyuk kept turning back. There was one time where Hyuk pat Hae on the bum! And when going back on the stage Hyuk kept pushing Hae’s waist. They kept sneaking glances at each other and smiling. Later on during the dance when Hyuk accidentally made Yesung’s mic drop Hae was laughing.

Today Sungmin is still wearing the hat, very handsome. KRY’s platforms are getting even higher! In the end Ryeowook used Eunhyuk as support to get on it and Eunhyuk complained. During one of the times Kyuhyun tried to act cool and jump on it but failed, but fans shouted together. He kept pulling his pants and blaming it on them (the pants)

All the above translated by @kikiikyu


KYUHAE R ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! But their face is like ‘meh ok let’s hug again’ lol
After 2nd recording i guess shindong talk to kyu bout his kyuhae hug n then kyu called hae n teuk,seriously discussed it….hmm….
Kyu said ‘다음주에 만나요~제발’ (lets meet again next week,please~~’ before went out the stage.cute XD
At one moment kyu distracted by the confetti n staring it for sec
When kyu decided not to jump into his stage elf went *eeeeee* so he argue that his pants is to tight to do it, for SEVERAL TIMES.excuses :p


Kyu kept adjusting his shirt and pants, tucking it throughout the recording.
Kyu and hae hug after every recording. And hyuk “hugged” himself lol
Kyu kept waving at the end and hyuk did some really cute actions before leaving the stage.


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