[120811] Music Core recording fanaccount(s)

Recorded thrice today, they were all in black suits, Kyuhyun still continued adjusting his pants today as usual.. Right before the first rehearsal started, Shindong held Kyuhyun’s hand, but Kyuhyun shyly drew his hand away. During rehearsal Kyuhyun and Leeteuk were whispering to each other. Before the recording he tightened his laces and pulled up his pants. When Kyuhyun and Donghae were talking, Kangin and Ryeowook secretly kicked Donghae’s butt haha!

Eunhyuk was in a good mood today~ probably because of yesterday’s soccer match. The first rehearsal won’t be broadcast but Donghae had his hands on Eunhyuk’s waist and they walked to the left side together~ Eunhyuk hit Donghae’s butt~ Then Donghae put his hands on Eunhyuk’s waist again during the second official recording so during that dance move Eunhyuk hit Donghae’s butt again.. Donghae got a shock.. the atmosphere was very sweet.. But they didn’t do it in the third recording~ Don’t know which one will be broadcast~
Donghae was also very happy~ He kept being unable to control his laughter~ He kept practicing the dance steps with Siwon~ When Siwon was in front he pulled him to the back to play~ There was once when Siwon and Eunhyuk were dancing, Donghae kept turning back to look at them~ Then three of them danced together~ But they weren’t dancing seriously and played around a lot~ When the fans complained about Leeteuk’s shades Siwon snatched them over, put them on, then returned it~
Because Eunhyuk had a lot of moves that he would be on the right side, so he chose to stand on the right. So as he was all the way on the right, sometimes the camera would not capture him, during those times, he would make eye contact with us! When it ended he kept greeting and waving! Then he suddenly took his gloves off, spun them, then threw them up and caught them. He did that twice!

Kyuhyun’s mic was having problems.. During the first time Kangin helped him to fix it, and during the second time Siwon came over to help.
[BreezyWinter via曺敏贞_LN]

Leeteuk was wearing something like a tube/halter inside.. so when his jacket was taken off… the members kept taking his jacket off

Today Leeteuk, Kangin and Yesung had shades on. Yesung was the second last to come on stage, when he came up he bent down to tie his laces, pulled his pants up, and adjusted his belt. During standy he did jumping exercises on the spot. After the first recording he coolly left the stage with his left hand in his pocket. When he came back on stage he just stood around watching the other members fool around. During the second recorded he and Kangin bumped into each other. He occasionally crossed his arms over his chest.

The above translated by @kikiikyu

Other Kyuhyun bits from twitter~~

Kyu told Siwon you are handsome but you are noisy!!!

SJ MCore prerecord: Hae suddenly start sang for rehearsal n kyu look shoked.he looked at him with confuse look for some time
Kyu n hyuk linked their fingers at the 1st recording
Belt..is a serious problem for kyu!neverending fixing it during break,rehearsal even recording while he facing the back.
N during the break kyu shamelessly put his fingers inside his pants(to fix his shirt) even open n close his belt facing us!
N when some fans screamed he just giving ‘what?’ expression orz
Kyu jumped for both recording but he just walked away during rehearsal.he still bossing around,esp to hae kkk
Kyu quickly took off his device (placed behind his back)n re-place it again during the dance .


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