[Random Post] Cheesy SJ line…. /just imagine kkkkkk/

All credit goes to : ELFquotes on WordPress ^^

#CheesySJ Hae: Let’s play! | U: what do u wanna play? | Hae: Its called Bite My Lips. Let’s see who bites the most. *wink*

#CheesySJ U: Oppa I wanna take medicine course. I wanna be a doctor. Hbu? | Wook: Me? I just wanna take ur heart coz I wanna be ur husband.

#CheesySJ Kibum: I hope there’s no JKLMNOPQRST. | U: Eh? Why? | Kibum: So that “I” can be beside “U”.

#CheesySJ U: *walking down the crowded street* Oppa I love this street | Siwon: *kneel down* *takes ring* I want u forever. Will u marry me?

#CheesySJ U: oppa! I hate u! U don’t love me! U alwa— | Donghae: *stare* *grabs ur neck* *kiss*

#CheesySJ Leeteuk: let’s make a new group!I’ll be the leader! You: ok, what’s the group name? Leeteuk: *grab ur hand* our Family ( @SELFishy )

#CheesySJ U: oppa, after gaining lots of success in SJ, what’s ur next future? | DH: My future is you | U: *nose-bleeding* (@Ananda0107 )

#CheesySJ | Yesung: *make a love song* | Me: Oppa, why are you making a love song right now? | Yesung: because I’m in love with u (@YESUNGIEBABY )

#CheesySJ Kyu: what’s that? | U: where? | Kyu: in your eyes | U: eh? what’s wrong with my eyes? | Kyu: i see my future there..(@deviiydenyonT )

#CheesySJ Kyuhyun: Chukahae! | U: Eh? For what? | Kyuhyun: *hugs ur waist* For winning my heart. *wink*

#CheesySJ U: Oppa I’m hungry. Get me something to eat. | Eunhyuk: Here. I’ll recommend you to bite my lips. Its delicious.

#CheesySJ Hee: Let’s buy some diapers!| U: for who? Heebum?| Hee: no sweetie. For our future baby. ♥ ( @annisaaf )

#CheesySJ U: I’ll go home now. | Sungmin: Okay. Come to me. | U: Why wud I come to u? | Sungmin: Because I am your home.

#CheesySJ Hee: Let’s get busy today. Let’s go to somewhere. | U: Where? What will we do? | Hee: Church. Getting married. You wanna come?

#CheesySJ Teuk: Here’s my payment. I’ll rent a space. | U: Eh? Where will u rent? | Teuk: In ur heart. I’ll give a kiss for advance payment.


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