[Random Post] Quotes from Blue ^^

A little advice from our Blue ;) =

  • When you hating, you wasting some of your life, you’ll living in suffer. I chose to life longer and happier, and do my best for loving SJ.
  • Hater is just a hater, and they’re somehow exist in every fandom. I just wish my fandom can just ignore them. Can you, ELF?
  • When your idol got bashed, we can defending not only by bashing back. We can also defending by just ignoring them.
  • Rather than wasting time tweeting hate words to them /and adding more thing to be bashed/ isnt its better to spam Jungsoo with love words
  • I know,it hurts so much when your beloved one get bashed. But people whom can press their anger is stronger, and always win.
  • I tweet “I love u” and i get a lot of RTs with smiley face, love sign that makes me smile. I bet it’ll be different if i tweet “I hate u” (:
  • I’m sure we all know that any,every fandom was build by LOVE :)
  • Our bonding could be stronger than blood. Just say “super junior.” Thats how to make us forget all our difference and being ONE

Taken from ELFquotes


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