[Random Post] The ELF Quotes

When u sad,when u troubled,when u upset,I really wish I can makes u smile. But I can’t even be in ur side. So please accept my pray for u ♡

U know what? U’re such a drug.. And i’m addicted to u..

You can ask me to stop stalking your life.. But never ask me to stop loving you..

What do I wish upon a falling star? I wish… That star would fall to me *pointing at you* ♡

Sometimes I reach out my hand,and imagining if I can touch your face for real ♡

I’m a Super Girl,but I still need my Super Man ♡

I always know they’re cherish each other,it always give warmth in my heart ♡

I dont need something precious like jewels, golds, or diamonds.. Bcuz i ald have the most precious thing of the world: U !

I think i’m the richest person of the space now.. Cuz i have 15 stars standing over me..

I start to love something i didnt really like before just because u said you like it..


Taken from : ELFquotes


2 thoughts on “[Random Post] The ELF Quotes

  1. This is so Beautiful :’)

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