[TRANS] Managers’ messages to Teuk

via : @ELFISHics


Teuk ah, you are all strong! You do well in whatever things you do, so Hyung is looking forward to your return from army. Love you…
-Byungjun Hyung

No matter where you are, you adapt well, so Hyung isn;t worried. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t push yourself too much. Like you’ve said before, it’s not an End, but an And after a rest.
-Inhwan Hyung

Jungsoo ah, I’m grateful to you, and love you. No doubt, best leader in the world.

It’s almost winter, you have to take care of your body well. Let’s meet when you become more charming! You wil definitely do well~ Hwaiteuk~~~
-Seunghwan Hyung

Suddenly got reminded of the pair of shining eyes when you just debuted. From then, you’ve done well in every tasks that is given to you. So army life as well, it’ll be smooth like now. Don’t force yourself too much, I’m sure you’ll do well. So the feeling of sending your child to army is like that~ Always grateful to you, love you.

Original by: anteuk
TRANS BY @hyorkjae


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