[UFO Replies] Kyuhyun ^^

-ELF: Do you love me?
KYUHYUN: If I love you than what? (it sounds rude)

-ELF: I love you Kyuhyun
KYUHYUN: This person’s popularity!! Kekekeke!

-ELF: Oppa can do things so well and is so handsome!! Did you eat something to be like this?
KYUHYUN: I ate your love and got food poisoning

-ELF: Why everytime you take such a short time to reply? Perhaps you reply with your toes that is why it’s fast?
KYUHYUN: If you don’t like it than forget about it( he is angry here)

-ELF: Oppa! Why are you so cold?
KYUHYUN: I’m indeed quite cold. But who who is the one who said that I reply using my toes??!

-ELF: Don’t care what it is but please say something! Please please!
KYUHYUN: Something~~~

-ELF: It’s normal
KYUHYUN: It’s becoming crazy

-ELF: Sungmin I love you, without you I cannot live! Oppa, you can’t live without me too right?
KYUHYUN: Without me, Sungmin hyung can’t live( replying to Sungmin’s fans UFO)

-ELF: I can’t sleep!
KYUHYUN: What does this have to do with me? None of my business

-ELF: What is sexy back? Can you please explain?
KYUHYUN: I’m supposed to explain it?

-ELF: Dongsaeng line! Listen to what oppa line says! Just because you are the maknae, you be disobedient is it? Do whatever you want!
KYUHYUN: You…… You are Eunhyuk right?

-ELF: Sungmin oppa! I want to join your “Singles club”….. Accept me as a member, can a not?
KYUHYUN: The joining fees is 20 000 won. You can pay by 36 months installment. Hello……

-ELF: Have 5 brothers in SJM. Have 6 brothers in SJH.
KYUHYUN: This is not even the seperating of a family. It’s still the usual relaxing Super Junior.

-ELF: In shows, show your talents a bit Kyuhyun!
KYUHYUN: Hyungs don’t give me a chance to interrupt at all!

KYUHYUN: Copyrighted. Ban from saying iit.(he is saying the fans cannot say this, only SJ can say this)

-ELF: Let’s meet in dreamland! My man Kyu Oppa~~~
KYUHYUN: I’m staying up tonight(not sleeping)

-ELF: Congrats to KyuHyun oppa for having over 1000 nicknames!!
KYUHYUN: By adding the word “Kyu” in front is considered as a nickname?

-ELF: There is too many nicknames for Kyuhyun! So difficult to memorise!
KYUHYUN: Than stop memorising it.

-ELF: When was the first time you drank wine?
KYUHYUN: Know this for what?!

-ELF: Ham that is baked in sesame oil is so delicious!!
KYUHYUN: You try eating it

-ELF: Now it’s examination time but because I kept on thinking of you all oppas, I screwed up my exams. I still have 3 more rounds to go
KYUHYUN: Switch off your phone and go and study.

-ELF: The most handsome member in Super Junior please reply!
KYUHYUN: Me! Kkkkkkkkkkk

-ELF: Please recommend some nice shows/ movies to watch
KYUHYUN: ( He answer with the show/movie titles with KYU at the front. One of them is Gyransformers(Transformers)

-ELF: Think about you all think about you all. Love you all again and again.
KYUHYUN: Same thinking. Conclusion : The same heart.

-ELF: Kyuhyun oppa! You don’t have sickness now right?
KYUHYUN: Kyuhyun has the sickness of thinking and longing about ELF

-ELF: Kyuhyun ah~~ Cool Kyuhyun~~ Cool cool cool. The time has come for The Cool Kyuhyun period to start!!
KYUHYUN: What smell I am? Hahahahaha

-ELF: Oppa is a pabo.(fool)
KYUHYUN: Compare to you I am a genius

-ELF: Get married with me.
KYUHYUN: Get permission from Sungmin hyung.

[Source: 红酒小瓶子 || Trans chi to eng by Sherlyn OurGyuhyun]




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