[Random] This is why even the little things matter to us. SUPER JUNIOR♥

“I wouldn’t be overreacting like ELF even if my own bias was enlisting!!” “ELF are so obsessed with voting!”

Do you honestly think that, all that time & money we spend on SuJu, is all for nothing? We aren’t kidding when we say “they really do care about us”.

Firstly, they call it “fan love” not “fan service”

-They stood up for us & indirectly said “—— you” on twitter(last year December)

-On the day of the SBS incident, after the show they remained on stage to bow & shake hands with ELF

-When ELF get bashed for “bulk buying”, they turn it into a joke & say that they bought their own albums, and they asked if we buy in bulk because they know it’s cheaper for us that way at 1 of their pre-recordings during their comeback

-They buy ice cream for us during their comebacks. A few weeks ago when they promised to buy ice cream for ELF at 1 of their pre recordings, it was on a Sunday so it was difficult to find a grocery store open, so instead they got a truck to deliver it

-During their schedules they take pictures/videos of ELF, & often they’ll upload them on twitter with captions like “always thankful” “I love you” “ELF are beautiful” etc

-They often say things to us like “take care” “don’t get sick” “stay healthy” “it’s late so be careful”

-When we send them album receipts & gifts, they take pictures & upload them thanking us

-They’ve dedicated 3 songs to us

-During their SS4(Super Show 4) stops, they brought ELF up on stage as their “girlfriends” & taught them a dance, at SS4 in Paris 1 of the ELF who was brought on stage, gave her camera to Shindong to take a picture with her & Siwon(he ended up accidentally taking a video though) & then Shindong held another ELF’s purse for her when she rest it on the stage floor

-Yesung opened a cafe for his parents called Handel & Gretel, which he sometimes works at, he personally asked the company to lower the prices because he knew it’s mainly fans who would visit the cafe

-Leeteuk personally requested that organizers should keep their concert ticket prices affordable

-When we trend things on twitter for SuJu, sometimes when Leeteuk knows about it, he tweets a screen cap of it

-When Siwon was on vacation he played a game with ELF, he gave us clues to find him & told us that if we found him he’d give us a kiss(& he did, ELF got a kiss on their hands)

-For Eunhyuk’s birthday last year while they were in Taiwan, ELF stood outside their hotel & lit up fireworks, the members came out onto the balcony & sang happy birthday together with ELF. They also celebrate their birthdays together with ELF when it’s on the day of a concert/fanmeet etc

-During 1 of their concerts, an ELF gave Sungmin chocolate, he sat on the side of the stage & shared it with ELF

-Once when they were at the airport, an ELF got pushed down by a security guard, Donghae helped her get up from the floor

-They signed a bit of the confetti at their concert

-They remember ELF’s faces & names who they see often. During SS4 Sungmin brought an ELF on stage because he said he’s seen her at their other concert stop as well

-During their concerts & recordings for shows, they joke around & talk to ELF

-At their pre recordings they always ask fans there if they ate as yet. One time, they asked ELF if they ate yet, & then when ELF there said no they asked what they wanted to eat, & ELF said something hot(the weather was really cold that time), so they bought about 600 cups of coffee

-During their concerts, they take ELF’s cameras & take pictures with them & they play around with the gifts that are thrown on stage

-They thank us in 4+ different languages often & try talking in other languages as well, especially when they’re in other countries

These are only a few of the things they do for us.

ELF care about SuJu a lot, and SuJu cares a lot about ELF, it’s not a one sided thing.

Taken from OurGyuhyun tumblr ^^


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