120903 K-Star News ^^

  • Yesung: I am personally very happy that we can do a new styled song in a different genre.
  • Wook: i was very happy the whole time while recording // Siwon/Shindong: Thanks
  • Leeteuk: are you all ready to fall in love with us? oh? You are already in love with us? // LOL YES TEUK!
  • Shindong: Shindong: *acts tough and aims the gun* Members: *all starts laughing* LOL these dorks.
  • Kangin: It’s a scene where I am with the gun. It’s not that hard.// Wook: I can’t make mistake.. I’ll do my best not to
  • Donghae: this is a real gun (*pulls the top*) OOHH~~♥ // MC: He’s an innocent spy that is fascinated by the gun \\LOLyes
  • Topic: Awkward spies // Yesung: I am acting the scene where I shoot and also dodge. *Act stiffly*
  • Eunhyuk: oh there is a story. Teuk: It’s sherlock 2. Eunhyuk: It’s a story inside SM // LOL
  • Teuk: Don’t move. If you move, you are the culprit. Hyuk: The culprit is in here(From SHINee’s Sherlock) // LOL
  • Leeteuk: I am 007 in love with a spy. *poses* // LOL
  • Q: who is best at posing w/ gun? Shindong: *plays with gun* Do I look like him? Jung Woo Sung-ssi from 놈놈놈

all thank goes to @NKSubs.twitter.com


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