[Random Post] Justin Bieber vs Super Junior ^^

Belieber: Justin changed his hairstyle.
ELF: SJ changes their hairstyle in evry MV
Belieber: Justin can dance.
ELF: We have Eunhyuk.
Belieber: Justin can rap.
ELF: We have shindong and the rest of the gang.
Belieber: Justin works out and he has abs.
ELF: We have Siwon , Teukie and Hyukkie
Belieber: He has 700m views in his YT video.
ELF: At least SJ doesn’t have 2 million dislikes on their video.
Belieber: Justin started his career when he was 16.
ELF: SJ trained for years before their debut.

Belieber: Justin hits high notes.
ELF: KRY does. 😀

Belieber: Justin and his famous ‘hair flip’
ELF : We have ryeowook , and leeteuk.

Belieber: Justin loves his fans.
ELF: You should hear SJ’s speech when they receive an award and who they dedicate it to .

Belieber: Justin’s girlfriend is Selena Gomez.
ELF : Bitch , please . We ELFs are Super Junior’s girlfriends.


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