130101 Ryeowook Twitter Update : happy new year~♥

@ryeong9 : 슈퍼주니어 M 중국에서 전용기 타고 도착 ~!!!!^^ 매니저 용선이형, 헤어 디자이너 다혜누나, 울 멤버 성민이형 오늘 생일이에용 ~!!! 추카추카~~세 명 모두 전용기 안에서 생일파티ㅋ 색달랐옹 캬캬 2013년~계사년 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ~♥


[Trans] @ryeong9: Super Junior M took off from China on a jet plan~!!!!^^ Manager Yongsun hyung, Hair Designer Dahye noona, and our member Sungmin hyung are now having their birthday~!!! Happy birthday~~ All three of them are having a birthday party on the jet planㅋ It was so unique kyakya 2013~ (In this) Snake year, happy new year~♥

by @sujunesia


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