[Official] Super Junior’s New Year greetings to ELF ♥

via : ELFISHics

[Trans by : NKSubs]

Yesung: ELF!! Only have happiness in 2013~! Okay?! Receive lots of luck~♥

Ryeowook: I love you~♥ Everyone, Receive lots of luck in the new year~♥ To ELF all over the world, Happy New Year!!!

Sungmin: To ELF. Be healthy in 2013~♥ Wow my birthday! January 1st! Everyone, be happy with Sungmin this year!

Kyuhyun: 2013, the year of snake! The Year of Snake!! Only have good events happen this year! ^___^

Kangin: Have a cool start in 2013!! Fighting!

Eunhyuk: 2013! Become the lead role~!! I love you~♡

Shindong: 2013.. I… am 29 years old.. ㅠㅠ SNAKE~~~♡ Everyone, lots and lots of luck in the new year~♡

Siwon: Happy New Year ♡ Choi Si Won. Bless Bless… 🙂

Donghae: ELF I love, Let’s be together in 2013 too! Please also love Super Junior M’s new album!


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