[Announcement] Semi Hiatus…or maybe long hiatus

Hi everyone…. first of all I’d like to thank u for following, visiting / viewing and commenting in my blog ^^. I’m really happy and appreciate it. But…because of my works I can’t update this blog lately…I am so knocked out at work…exhausted….i don’t even update my twitter for God’s sake >.<\\

For very long time I’ve been thinking to take a break from this blog (and this lovely fandom)..so I came up with this decision…I will hiatus for sometimes (i dont even know until when)….

So..thank u for understanding…..


I’ll see u soon :))



[Official] Super Junior’s New Year greetings to ELF ♥

via : ELFISHics

[Trans by : NKSubs]

Yesung: ELF!! Only have happiness in 2013~! Okay?! Receive lots of luck~♥

Ryeowook: I love you~♥ Everyone, Receive lots of luck in the new year~♥ To ELF all over the world, Happy New Year!!!

Sungmin: To ELF. Be healthy in 2013~♥ Wow my birthday! January 1st! Everyone, be happy with Sungmin this year!

Kyuhyun: 2013, the year of snake! The Year of Snake!! Only have good events happen this year! ^___^

Kangin: Have a cool start in 2013!! Fighting!

Eunhyuk: 2013! Become the lead role~!! I love you~♡

Shindong: 2013.. I… am 29 years old.. ㅠㅠ SNAKE~~~♡ Everyone, lots and lots of luck in the new year~♡

Siwon: Happy New Year ♡ Choi Si Won. Bless Bless… 🙂

Donghae: ELF I love, Let’s be together in 2013 too! Please also love Super Junior M’s new album!

[Random Post] End of 2012…Welcome 2013 ^^

Hey whazzup guys 🙂

Well…3 hours to go to welcome a new year….but here I am…stuck in front of laptop and update my blog kkkkkk ^^

So..for a quick recap..whats been done in 2012?

1. I attended Super Show 4 in Singapore and Jakarta, Alive Tour Jakarta, MBLAQ concert, 2PM’s concert, Kim Jaejoong’s fanmeeting and Xiah Junsu’s concert. What a great year of KPOP ^^

2. I broken hearted for uncountable times this year…..he got married w/ another b*tch….

3. My boss pissed me off this entire year…yes I hate her to the core..that b*tch….

4. I cheated on Kyu….with GDragon and Kris….sorry Kyu….


Okay..enough for all that curses…now my wish list in 2013 :

1. Puhleaaseeee SS5 Jakarta, BigBang’s concert and EXO showcase!!!!! That’s my priority list.

2. Get skin care treatment.my acne scar is getting worse…..

3. Lose some weight…not that I’m overweight….its just that…I need to find my future husband okay? not with this ugly body…fat all over the place…..

4.My boss’s getting fired…i really wish hard for that…..


Hahahaaaaa so what about u guys?

Mind to share with me?


Happy New Year 2013 ^^

Now I’m gonna spazz on my twitter.


Owh and happy birthday Pumpkin Lee Sungmin ^^

Stay cute okay? ^^